Hello, I’m Sally Stevens, welcome to my website. For over fifteen years I’ve been helping people undergoing chemotherapy – or who have hair loss through menopause, alopecia or other conditions – choose the right wig.

With my considerable experience as an award-winning hair stylist – together with the fantastic training in choosing, cutting and styling wigs that I have received from Trevor Sorbie, regarded by many as the world’s greatest wig stylist – I feel confident I can help you in the right direction with your new hair.

I’m based in Bristol and regularly see clients from all parts of the west country, as well as further afield. If it’s not practicable for you to come and see me, then please call or email – there are other ways I may be able to help you.

Wig choice – how I can help

Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience, especially when it happens suddenly, as it can when undergoing chemotherapy or due to other conditions. As a result of my experience, both personally and professionally, I can understand and help you through the difficult task of deciding how your future hair is going to look.

Also, I think it’s vital to be able to try on a wig before you actually commit – so I only use companies that offer me that ‘sale or return’ facility, such as Amore, makers of the ‘Brandi’ wig shown in the photo.

Hundreds of shades

All my suppliers provide colour rings from which I can help you choose a shade that’s closest to your natural hair colour. However, some people like to take the opportunity to go for a complete change, and I can help you choose a new colour that best complements your skin tone.

Many synthetic hair wigs feature graduated or mixed colours to create effects such as highlights, melted tones, long-rooted colours, gradient greys and more. Human hair wigs are usually gently coloured to ensure that a standardised selection of shades can be offered. The photograph shows a close-up view of a wig in the Gem collection, made from 100% Remy human hair.

Best quality materials and construction

All the wigs I recommend are chosen for the quality of their materials and construction as well as their appearance and comfort.

For example, the Amore XO cap construction, shown in the photo, features top hair ventilation on a soft, airy net to cover the hair knotting, extended lace front, and wefts sewn directly onto soft net materials that contour to the shape of the head. Other benefits include non-slip silicone on both the ear and nape tabs, together with adjustable bands for a custom fit.

Wigs, cut and styled – Bristol

Styling and cutting

Many people find their wigs need some adjustment in order to precisely suit their style and taste. This is something I can help with, whether you have purchased your own wig or one through my recommendation.

As a highly experienced hair and colour stylist I have learnt to adapt the same skills with wigs that I use with clients in my salon when they feel like a change of look and style.

Headwear of all kinds

Turbans, scarves, berets, beanies and pull-on caps … some people prefer not to have to wear their wig all the time and feel comfortable in suitable headgear. Again, I am happy to advise and if appropriate supply.

All the headwear products I offer are specifically designed to be used by women who have lost their hair, protecting their scalp against sunburn and cold. They have been classified as medical apparel according to the EU directive for medical equipment. The knitted hat in the photo is the ‘Lumi’, by Christine Headwear.

Men too – wigs and headwear

I also offer wigs and medically approved headwear for men. There’s a good choice of styles – although, as you might expect, the range is not as wide as it is for women. The cap in the photograph is the ‘Bennett’, from Christine Headwear’s male collection.

The wig in the male photo below is the ‘Emerson’, by Noriko. As with wigs for women, I can cut and style men’s wigs or hairpieces to suit the wearer’s personal preference.

Caitlyn razberry ice wig by René of Paris
Peony light oak melange wig from the Sentoo Lotus range
Emerson blueberry burst wig by Noriko

Reputable brands

Having researched the many suppliers of wigs and headwear, I have selected a number of brands that I believe offer fair prices as well as good and reliable quality, including these prestigious names:


I am able to supply a variety of aftercare products for both fibre hair and human hair wigs, as well as other speciality products. Some examples are shown below. I can also supply accessories for use when wearing, styling or storing your wig.

Fibre Softening Conditioner
Sentoo spray 75h
Leave-in conditioner and protection spray
Unisex organic masking cream
Conditioner for human hair