There are many shops and websites selling wigs – so why are you different?

I think one of the principal differences is that I don’t insist people buy their wig from me in order for me to help them. I am happy to give personal, face to face advice to enable them to choose their own wig, and then if necessary follow it up with help with restyling and cutting.

Do you make a charge for all your services?

If you buy a wig through me then I can often provide the additional care, for example with styling and cutting, without additional charge.

So, if I choose my own wig, then do you make a charge?

Yes. However, my charges are very reasonable – no more than you would pay to have your own hair professionally cut and styled in the salon. I would obviously give a proper estimate when we talk over the phone or meet.

In some instances the NHS supplies wigs without charge – do you still charge for cutting and styling in that instance?

As I’ve said above, there are costs so I do have to charge, though I can be flexible and I’m sympathetic and understanding towards people on low fixed incomes and benefits.

Would my appointment with you be somewhere private – I’m finding all of this rather upsetting and disturbing?

Absolutely! I work from a garden studio at my home, which is very private. My home is in the St Anne’s district of Bristol and I will send precise details of how to get to me when you make an appointment.

However, should you have difficulty in coming to me, there are times when I may be able to meet you somewhere else that maybe convenient to you, or even to your home. However, I hope you understand that in such circumstances I would have to ask for a contribution to my travelling time and expense. This can be discussed in a phone conversation.

I’ve been wearing a wig for a while. Would you be able to restyle it?

Often I can, but I would need to see it first. My experience and expertise mean I can often give an existing wig a new lease of life.

Carrie auburn sugar wig by Noriko
Beatrice dusty brown turban by Christine Headwear
Basel Comfort wig, dark snow, from Ellen Wille’s Stimulate collection