Extracted from a BBC Television News broadcast


International hair stylist Trevor Sorbie has visited Bristol to lend support to one of his latest protégés.

He hopes to train a select number of hairdressers across the country to cut and style wigs for women who have lost their hair during chemotherapy and one of the first hairdressers to join his challenge is Sally Stevens who works at a salon in central Bristol.

Her mother had cancer and her illness encouraged Ms Stevens to learn wig-cutting so she could help other women who have lost their hair.

The four-time British Hairdresser of the Year’s initiative has been called ‘My New Hair’.

The aim is to train up a network of hairdressers across the UK so that women in need can travel to them easily.

He came to Bristol to visit Ms Stevens at her salon, and to work with one of her clients, Claire Colgan.

Ms Colgan, 52, and from Bristol, was diagnosed with breast cancer last August. She lost her hair when chemotherapy sessions started, and was unhappy with the fit and feel of her first wig.

Information leaflets are being distributed to hospitals to help women when they are first diagnosed.

Trevor Sorbie with Sally Stevens and client Claire Colgan (image from TV)