Helping you choose the wig that suits you best

Losing your hair can be a traumatic experience, especially when it happens so suddenly, as it can when undergoing chemotherapy, for hormonal reasons following the menopause or as a result of other conditions.

I believe that as a result of my experience, both personally and professionally, I can understand and help both you and perhaps your partner or family through this difficult task of deciding how your future hair is going to look. If you are finding it difficult to choose a wig, then I’m very happy to help. Having researched the market (there are hundreds of suppliers of wigs that range from being rather poor to excellent) I have narrowed it down to just a number that I believe offer fair prices as well as good and reliable quality. Choosing can be bewildering, which is where I believe I can help.

What is more, I think it is vital to be able to try on a wig before you actually commit – so I only use companies that offer me that ‘sale or return’ facility.

Where appropriate, cutting, styling and colouring the wig

Whilst some wigs may be exactly what you want, many people find that it needs some adjustment in order to precisely suit their personal style and taste.

This is something I can certainly help with, whether you have purchased your own wig or one through my recommendation.

As a highly experienced hair and colour stylist I have learnt to adapt the same skills with wigs that I use with clients in my salon when they discuss with me that they may feel like a change of look and style. They put their trust in my experience to ensure they aren’t making an expensive and possibly embarrassing mistake and I believe people choosing a wig need the same advice and help.

Some people even take the opportunity to go for a ‘new look’, something they perhaps wouldn’t have dared do before. And that’s definitely an area I can help with.

Others, like my mum, don’t want people to notice, so it’s vital to them to have a wig that is as close as possible to their original hair.

However, in either case it is unusual in my experience for an ‘off the peg’ wig to look exactly how you want it to look and this is another area where I can help. I can discuss with you precisely what you may be looking for and having done so make the necessary cuts and restyling to achieve it.

Finding a wig in the right colour that will suit your skin tone is hugely important – and this is where my experience can really help.

Above all, I can help both you and perhaps your partner or family through this difficult task of deciding how your future hair is going to look.

Aftercare help with maintaining and ‘freshening’ your wig

A good quality wig should last a long time if it’s well cared for. However, like our own natural hair, wigs need looking after. They can look ‘tired’ and become mis-shapen after a time. Some people are confident with washing and restyling their wigs; many of my clients like to bring them back to me every now and then for a ‘freshen-up’ and for me to get its original style back – or even for a re-style. With a little professional attention, I can make your wig look as good as new.

Advice and help with additional hair loss products

Besides supplying wigs, there are a number of ancillary items I can offer that will both help to keep the wig in good condition, as well as a range of accessories that those with hair loss sometimes find helpful – some of which include –

Hairpieces – not everyone needs a full wig. Sometimes a ‘hairpiece’ will be sufficient to give you what it is you need. I am happy to advise on this.

Turbans, scarves, berets, beanies and pull-on caps … some people prefer not to have to wear their wig all the time and feel comfortable in a ‘turban’ or specially chosen headscarf. Again, I am happy to advise and if appropriate supply.

Wig stands – Ideal for keeping your wig in good shape when not being worn.

I can also supply – Wig ‘lift’ combs – Wig caps – Wig cap hats – Wig liners – Wig tape – Wig grippers – Sleep caps – Head wraps – Ball caps.

– And of course you don’t have to have purchased the wig from me to receive any of the services I have outlined above.

Leto expresso wig from the Loves Change collection
Blossom silver and Jasmine midnight wigs from the Sentoo Lotus collection
Calliope black wig from Ellen Wille’s Stimulate collection