Having read my website and hopefully understood ways in which I may be able to help, then there are various ways to contact me.


In the first instance it is often easier to send me an email, perhaps just giving a brief summary or outline of what you may be looking for. Typical examples might be, “I’ve just started to lose my hair and need some help and general information about how to choose a wig” …. or – “I have already bought a wig, but I’m not happy with it and would like to have it restyled or cut”,

You can mail me at sally@wigcutandstyle.co.uk


If you don’t have access to email, or would prefer to phone me, then please do so – if I’m not able to take the call I will get back to you as soon as I can. Just leave a short message, remembering to say your name and phone number slowly and clearly – and preferably repeating both – there’s nothing worse than being unable to return somebody’s call because you couldn’t understand their message!

Phone me on 07875 044726.

In person

I am happy to meet clients either at my Bristol city centre salon or at my home. I only work part-time in both, so it is essential to make an appointment first.

The salon is Duke & Scarlet, which is at the bottom of Christmas Steps (see the map below). Numerous buses stop near by – and the numbers 8 and 9 that operate a regular service from Temple Meads Station stop just 100 yards away, on the other side of the road.

My home is in the St Anne’s area of Bristol. There is parking outside or close by and the number 36 bus stops just three minutes’ walk away.

By post

If you would prefer to write to me (yes, some people still do and I’m happy to receive your letters), then address your letter to –
Sally Stevens, Duke & Scarlet Hairstylists, Centre Gate, Colston Avenue, Bristol BS1 4TR

Contact form

Please fill in the boxes below, including as much information as you like, and then click ‘Send’.